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Mutant Mail is an innovative privacy-focused, server side solution to age-old nagging problem of maintaining Multiple Email IDs.

It acts as email router and does enhance email forwarding, ensuring any of the forwarded emails can be replied, while maintaining your brand/domain identity.

Every email on Mutant Mail passes through spam filter and antivirus to ensure the sanity of emails reaching our clients and system can also be used mask your personal email id.

This all while maintaining PGP/GPG bulletproof encryption and creating emails on the fly, if you activate them.

Newsworthy mentions

Mutant Mail has been featured in several news articles for its unique capabilities.

Launch coverage in Multiple outlets

The launch of Mutant Mail was covered by multiple prominent news outlets. Below are few among the great coverage Mutant Mail received.

A Z Central
HTV 10
Digital Journal
Fox 28 Group
Fox 43 Group
American Rodeo
News Net
SNN News
Fox 40 Group

Story coverage in Starter Story

Starter Story covered our story to ensure their audience know about the new innovative solution for email. They went ahead and made an in-depth article on how the concept of Mutant Mail was born.

Read about Mutant Mail on Starter Story...

Featured in "Women Entrepreneur" Week on AppSumo

Mutant Mail made it to front page of AppSumo, and was added to Women Entrepreneur week on 24th March 2022. This gave the limelight to Mutant Mail, worthy of its innovative nature.

Featured in "Rising Star" collection on AppSumo

Mutant Mail was added to "Rising Star" collection on our partner platform AppSumo on 14th Feb 2022. This happened due to surge in our growth on the platform, as more audience of AppSumo became aware about our product.

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